Hello my love sms - sms Hello my love

Hello my love 1

now know what heaven is to be with you darling. I send you much love and joy to you, my dear, in that day when my heart seeks only your happiness.

Hello my love 2

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat of my heart ... I love you.

Hello my love 3

Court Order!!
You Are Accused of Crawling into my inbox
& Hijacking My Smile with your cute massages.
You Are Sentenced to be MY SWEET HEART FOR LIFE!!!

Hello my love 4

The light and freshness of this day brings you a fresh atmosphere in your life. Saw the day as if there were no tomorrow. And enjoy every moment, I wish you a good day.

Hello my love 5

Hello my love, as you can see, I put an outfit alluring to renew our amazing evening for us 
synonymous with love always, every day we have the same warmth that pervades our hearts, our desires are not mast, all our senses explode, our passion is required, our relationship is far from dull, it is in a spontaneous that we will love. Pure love noble and sincere, always ends up being the winner.

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