Best Wishes Sms

Best Wishes Sms

Har phool apko armaan de
har subah aapko salam de
hum dua karte hain
aapka ek aansu bhi agar nikle
to khuda aapko us se dugani muskaan de

Sab ke hatho mein kuch lakire hai,
Banti jinse sabki takdire hai.
Dua hai aap ke hatho mein lakire kuch khas ho
Aur dunia ki her khusiya aap ke paas ho

Soft Speech clean heart
peaceful eyes, strengthful hands
focussed mind and determined decision with God's Love
Alway Makes you winner

May the sun shine, all day long
everything go right, & nothing wrong
may those u love bring love back to u
may all the wishes u wish come true

As rain covers the sun
Truth covers the lies
Angels cover the evil
Flowers cover the garden,
I wish & pray that happiness covers all d worries of ur life.
And May every corner ov ur heart be filled wid happiness Aameen

nice the moon winks at u tonight,
I wish sweet dreams embrace you tight
Hope your day was quite all right
now I bid u a lovely goodnight

Nothing In Nature Is 4 Itself Rivers Don't Drink Their
Own Water Trees Don't Eat Their Own Fruit Sun Doesn't
 Give Heat 4 Itself Flower Don't Spread Fragrance 4 Themselves
 Living 4 Others Is The Way Of Life Have A Blessed Day

never say u r happy when u r sad
never say u r fine when u r not ok
never say u feel good when u feel bad
never say u r alone when i m still alive
good luck and best wishes for ever

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