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Apni taklif me mujhe umid samjhna
koi gam aaye to aapne najdik samjhna
de saku hansi us ansu ke badle to
hajaro ke bich mujhe sabse krib samjhna

The best medicine for human is LOVE CARE
Someone asked What if it doesn’t work
He smiled and sai
Increase the dose

True Friendship Is Like Air
Ever Present To Take Care For You
During Better Times And During Times Of Need
It May Be Quiet
But It Is Always Around You
That Is What You Are To Me

I Considered You A Sweet Friend
And Locked You Up In My Heart
Now The Keys To My Heart Are Lost
So You Are Locked In My Heart
Till My Heart Beat Stops

Friendship is sweet when it’s new
Sweeter when its true
But sweetest when its u
When God gave friends he tried 2 b fair
When I got u
I got more than my share

Love Is An Extremely Beautiful Feeling
Because It’s Emotions Are Controlled
By The Heart
But Friendship Is Above That
Because It Is These Feelings
That Control The Heart

Friendship is the heaviest coin
in the international bank of love
with your friendship,
I am the richest person on earth
So keep me rich forever

Love your love so much that
u Dont have to ask
'With whom u were

Trust ur friend that much that
u Dont have to tell
'Dont tell dis 2 anyone'

Today we are together, tomorrow we may be apart
But time spent together shall always be in my heart
I cherish our friendship

True Friends
Aren’t Those Who Make
Your Problems
Those Who Won’t Be
Disappeared When
You Are Facing Problems
Happy Friendship Day

School Friendship uptill 12th
College Friendship uptill Graduation
University Friendship uptill Post-Graduation
Office Friendship uptill Transfer or Retirement
Lover's Friendship uptill Marriage
But my Friendship uptill  February
It neither arrives nor our friendship ends

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