sms to say I love you

Even though we are far apart, my love for you will feed on the distance between us and only grow!

I love you so much, I love your every touch
my love for you is so immense
it just puts me so intense
thinking about you all the time
… being glad that your mine

If knowing you is wrong,
I’ll choose not to be right.
If loving you is a crime,
I’ll prefer to be called a criminal.
Just to have you to myself.

It feels nice to miss you..
So i m missing you…
it feels nice to think about you..
So i m thinking about you…
it feels nice to disturb you…
So i m disturbing you…
it feels nice to LOVE u..

I am not a painter to paint you
I am not a creator to create you
I am not a destroyer to destroy you
I am not a teacher to teach you
But I am a person to love you!!!

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