Love sms

Wish fairy came to me and asked My Wish,
I told her my wish.
she became said
and "I Can't give You a Fairy"
You know what was my wish it was "YOU".. !!

Love is to love someone
for who they are,
who they were,
who they will be.
Love sms

Love is like swallowing hot chocolate,
it takes you by surprise at firts,
but keeps you warm for a long time.. !

Me without you and your Love would be
Like Facebook without Friends,
YouTube Without Videos
Google with No Results..
Keep Loving Me :))

Falling in love is when
she falls asleep in your arms
wakes up in your dreams.. !

If someone in your life makes you to forget your Past,
That someone is probably your Future...:)

"Valued Lines by Disappointed Lover...
Never lose yourself while trying
to hold on to someone,
who dosen't care about losing you".. !

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